Q. What’s green and knows how to spell?

A. Natalie Bennett, the new leader of the Green Party and a former Times sub-editor. I was pleased to write an article about this illustrious group for today’s paper, though when I thought about it the average rate of vast success after leaving the back bench may not be as high as the story indicates.

I thought the headline on it was OK (I left it to the subs), but I had to explain it to someone – it’s about how subs usually WRITE the headlines but sometimes we MAKE the headlines, a line I’d sort of put in the top of my piece. To be fair to them it was very late in the day (just because I’m a sub doesn’t mean I won’t push my deadline as a writer, especially when it’s a tight one which this was).

Here is a picture of it, you can read the story here if you have a Times subscription. Anyway the interest it generated has encouraged me to keep this blog up.

Subs article – the times

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