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Three reasons Caitlin Moran could jump ship from The Times to The Guardian (and two reasons she might stay)

It’s been a while, and at first glance this post is a little off topic for the Super Caley blog. But I’m always fascinated by the politics between newspapers – particularly the sort of tabloid shenanigans that Piers Morgan described in … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher’s death: a week in British headlines

At the newspaper where I work, Margaret Thatcher’s death has been nervously anticipated for some time as an event that would definitely mean a tough day and a high-profile edition. When she went into hospital just before Christmas, we were … Continue reading

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How to write a Daily Express front page headline

This week I saw a Daily Express headline that was so formulaic, I thought at first that it was a joke. Here it is: EU WANTS MIGRANTS TO TAKE OUR JOBS. Had Richard Desmond had fired the last of his … Continue reading

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The truth about THE TRUTH

After 23 years, this week the official papers relating to the Hillsborough disaster are being released. Sales of The Sun are still said to be affected by that newspaper’s coverage of the tragedy, which included a headline that its own … Continue reading

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Q. What’s green and knows how to spell?

A. Natalie Bennett, the new leader of the Green Party and a former Times sub-editor. I was pleased to write an article about this illustrious group for today’s paper, though when I thought about it the average rate of vast … Continue reading

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If Jimmy Carr wrote headlines

The Times’s Saturday Review had a neat coverline on its Jimmy Carr interview at the weekend: His Dark Material. This kind of cultural cross-reference headline, which we’ll call The Postmodern, can be overused – former music journalists in particular tend rather … Continue reading

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The sport subs’ Super Thursday

Chelsea’s victory over Barcelona last night sent the nation’s sport desks into overdrive, spawning headlines such as BLUES CLEAN UP THE MESSI (Express), HOT DROG IS THE MUSTARD (Express), BARC ARE WORSE THAN DROG BITE (Mirror), SALUTES BLUE, SIR (Sun), … Continue reading

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Women hate Samantha Brick because she was beautifully subbed

Most people’s reaction to Samantha Brick’s Daily Mail article about the perils of being an attractive woman was: “But she’s not even that beautiful”! For those in the trade, it was: “Clever sub-editor.” Or possibly: “Evil sub-editor.” You can write … Continue reading

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Blog titles that look like internet sensations

It has been suggested that Super Caley should start a taxonomy, a sort of unofficial classification of different types of headline. A great place to start is today’s internet sensation, a Tumblr post titled OTTERS WHO LOOK LIKE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. … Continue reading

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An Irish joke

The fascinating Republican primary campaign was bound to yield some great headlines around the world, and sure enough I spotted a tweet this week from the BBC’s Mark Simpson crediting the Irish Times with: ROMNEY WINNING IN MATHS, FAILING IN … Continue reading

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